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Organization | 17 Hats Review

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Keeping organized as a professional photographer in Memphis, TN


I love my 17Hats! It keeps all my client leads, projects, and other information in one place where I can easily access it from anywhere. Sometimes life gets a little busy between running errands, taking care of my family, booking photo sessions, and scheduling projects in advance. So, for my business, I needed something that I could still use that was easily accesible. Check out my process below. If you are interested in purchasing 17Hats for your business, make sure and click on any of the links in this blogpost to try it for FREE!!

The Dashboard |

I'm not going to lie, one reason I chose 17Hats is because I loved the way it looked. It may be silly, but I find that I work better if I'm using tools that I think look the part. On the dashboard, it gives me an overview of all that is going on. It tells me my next three day's schedule, weather predictions, my to-do list, and recent activity. With my program, I can create invoices and questionnaires and view when my clients see and complete them! In essence, it is my secretary!


Also, this program syncs with my Google calendar! It color codes each unique calendar, and it puts them all right here where I can see them. It even allows me to give my to-do list dates, so I see them on my calendar until they are finished.  



Projects |

My 17Hats puts all my projects together in a way that I can easily scroll down to see what I'm looking for weather I'm looking by name or project. I can find it quickly. (I'm all about saving some time!) 



Bookkeeping |

I have loved the bookkeeping feature on my 17Hats program. It allows me to catagorize everything! It reminds me to keep up with my tax information so that I'm not waiting until the week of April 15 to do that (Not that I would do that anyway, right? ahem)


Consistancy |

The features I most love about 17Hats are the templates and workflows. 

I want to give my clients the best possible experience, and I can only do that if I am consistantly treating each client the same with great communication, timely products, and huge THANKS!

To help me with this, I set up easy to access templates for commucation and I create a worklow checklist that I can automatically activate when a customer enters my system. 



I can't say enough about how much I love my 17Hats. They are always making great improvements and I can't wait until the app comes out in the near future! But don't just take my word for it, check it out your self at 17hats. com. And if you are interested in starting your Free Trial CLICK HERE and let them know I sent you! I would really appreciated it! 


Questions or comments? Feel free to leave your thoughts below in the comment box! I really ENJOY hearing from you!  Do you already use 17Hats?


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