It's a Party!!

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 Why you should hire a professional photographer at your child's First Birthday Party (or any party for that matter)

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I have had the privilege over the years to attend (and throw) quite a few birthday parties. I love parties!! It is a great time to celebrate someone you love.

But sometimes it can be a hassle.

You have to think of the date, time of day, invitations, cake, food, drinks, balloons, streamers, table cloths, entertaining games, and party favors. 

What is the one thing all these things have in comon...THEY COME AND GO WITH THE DAY

And what is that thing everyone asks right before the candles are blown out....

And BAM! All you have from that wonderful day of celebration that you put so much hard work and money into is a couple of blurry Iphone photos that Aunt Margaret took at the last minute. :(


Now, let's back up, and think about how everything would be if you had hired a professional photographer(hopefully ME) to come to your party. 

I would arrive about 30 minutes early to have a short fun family session. (This works especially well for kids, because after they see/touch the cake, that beautiful outfit that you got from the boutique downtown now has bright blue icing all over it for pictures later.) 

Then during the party,

  • All you have to be is the host or hostess. 
  • This allows you to enjoy your loved one to the fullest!!
  • Have a good time at the party
  • Pose with any friends that you want(That's right! You can finally be in some photos with the birthday boy or girl as well!!)
  • You won't miss anything in the moment!!!
  • And know with confidence that these memories will be forever beautifully documented for you and your loved one to look through year after year after year.


(Sigh of relief) Doesn't that sound wonderful??


A friend of mine once told me about a conversation with her kids that went like this...

Child walks in while mom is planning the grocery run, "Mommy, why do you use coupons and a grocery list?"

Mom, "Well, Honey, because your Dad and I want to budget our money so that we can spend our money on things that will last, like memories made with you and your brother."

To help him understand, Mom proceeds to walk him through what happens to food after it goes in our bodies, gets digested, and I think you know what happens then....

Child, "Oh, so you and Daddy want to spend our money on things other than poop....right, Momma."

Mom, "Haha...right, baby. That's  exactly right."

Face it! It's the truth! The paper plates, games, food, and drinks will all go to the trash...what will you be left with?? A photograph is a memory that you can hold in your hand for years to come. 


Got questions? What to book me for your party now?? Click that little gray box on the right bottom of the page to contact me or book your session now! Or check out my lifestyle work HERE!


I look forward to partying with you in the future!! 


Many blessings, 







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